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Biscotti exotic cannabis strain exotic cannabis strain is a pure Indica strain acquired by crossing two of the most famous strains of the cannabis world: Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. But Biscotti could have been popular by itself, due to its very normal effects of both Indica and Sativa strains, leading to calm,, mental high, and a sense of euphoria. Its results will be at their peak after about an hour, before beginning to fade calmly. Accordingly, Biscotti can be applied to treat conditions like pain, depresion, insomnia, and anxiety. Biscotti is the new famous. It is a rare potent indica, crossed between sour Florida OG and Gelato 25. This indica will glide up on you, giving you a maximum of 25% THC putting you into an acute cerebral effect; giving you everything you would wish for in a indica. Biscotti is often picked to relieve you from stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. These securely packed buds, taste of earthy sweet cookies when consuming and diesel aroma while you exhale, sit back and delight.. Effects And Feelings For the first time you smoked this strain, and you feel that this is one of the best weed strain you have ever try.. Bag petition, fantastic aromatics and potent long lasting effects, this strain justified its spot on the top of the shelf. Hence, biscotti strain for sale, Biscotti exotic cannabis strain You would love to smoke this strain, and also recommend doing the same. Or pair it with your morning coffee on your day off, it gave you a body high like an Indica, but didn’t have you couch locked like most.This strain is sure to assuage the dullness of mundane tasks, as well as make you focused until your to-do list is done. Effects: Medical Negatives Relaxed Happy Euphoric Sleepy Uplifted

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