I am writing to you to demand that you and the Irvine City Council provide the leadership our city needs to revise and adopt important changes to policing. Most succinctly, these fall within a set of eight (8) practices that together can reduce the likelihood of extreme police violence against citizens by 72%. These practices are: ban chokeholds and strangleholds, require de-escalation, require warning before shooting, exhaust all other means before shooting, duty to intervene, ban shooting at moving vehicles, establish use of force continuum, require all force be reported. https://8cantwait.org/ Our city police force has reported that they adhere to only 5 of these 8 practices. I am very surprised to learn that our officers are not required to warn before shooting. Most upsetting is to learn that they have no duty to intervene! Doubtless, having a use of force continuum protocol in place would act as a significant action guide in the heat of the moment. Implementing these three practices will make a great difference in the safety of all citizens. https://8cantwait.org/city/irvine-ca

I have been proud to live in this community for 27 years, but know that we can improve our city and that the time for such improvement is NOW. We cannot wait longer to enact these changes. As a city built upon a forward looking philosophy, Irvine must strive to move forward in this time of crisis by improving police procedures.

I urge you to provide the leadership our first-class city requires NOW.

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police need access to chokeholds as horrible as that sounds, there is no other way to keep somoene on the ground if theyre resisting. Shooting at a moving vehicle is necessary, have you ever heard of a drive-by or the islamic terrorists in England using vehicles? Police cannot be expected to stand by when something like this is happening. 8 cant wait aims to abolish police departments and thinks that a civil society can exist without the enforcing of laws, which is absurd and has never even been attempted on any large scale given the absurdity of the idea. We live in evil world where people can and will do harm to get ahead, this has been the foundation for any human settlement in history. DO NOT do this.