It's been three and half months since the mask order by the CIty Manager was updated.

City and business employees cannot require healthy people to wear a mask, which is considered a "medical intervention." They cannot practice medicine without a license, or be allowed to do so within city limits. State mask-wearing is not a law, but a suggestion under "Guidance." The City of Irvine has not clearly informed the public or its merchants of this distinction. As a result, those who cannot wear a mask (for medical reasons) or will not wear a mask (for religious reasons), are being harassed and discriminated against. By legal definition, we are not in a "state of emergency" (there is no imminent or proximal threat). Mortality numbers do not support medical intervention aka masks. Testing is inaccurate. Hospital are not overwhelmed and never were. Positive test doesn't not mean death or severe illness. Multiple known and recognized therapeutics yield high recovery rates.

  1. require all businesses to include medical exemption language on signs about wearing masks

  2. Business operating within city limits is a privilege not a right and must NOT be allowed to make policies that violate civil code 51.7 that gives citizens equal access to public accommodations without discrimination or harassment. The City of Irvine has the higher duty to ensure that their businesses are adhering to existing laws;


People need outlets such as public parks and recreation facilities for fresh air and exercise, as well as creative endeavors available at the Fine Arts Center. This has gone on long enough. Summer is half over. Children are becoming unhealthy physically and mentally as well as intellectually. Have a mask requirement but please open up all facilities. If someone has compromised medical conditions, they should stay home. Healthy people and children should not continue to suffer.